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Clover Food Truck, Boston MA and Cambridge MA

June 26, 2010

The last time I was in L.A. was right around when the Kogi truck was a huge deal. I kept overhearing people talking about it. At one point I was trying on a bathing suit in a rockabilly boutique in Culver City and the two greaser dudes who worked there were talking about feeding Korean tacos to one of their girlfriends’ vegetarian dogs and her getting mad, which to this date is the most L.A. thing I have ever heard in my life. L.A. is blessed with tons of vegan joints (to the point where the Thai vegan joints are kind of a joke), food trucks, jacaranda trees, and all kinds of other things I’m bitter about not having in New England. But hey! We got an all vegetarian/vegan food truck, and it’s fantastic!

The back of the line at Dewey Square

Clover Food Lab have two trucks, one at MIT and one at the Dewey Square Farmer’s Market near South Station. If you read their blog, it quickly becomes apparent they care very strongly about making great food and pleasing their customers. The payoff is that they are very popular. (By even offering vegan items, they already own my heart and my wallet, by being enthusiastic and undeniably good, they own everyone. Take note, veggie places with surly waiters and mediocre food, and step up your game!)

"all out of lavender lemonade" is the recipe for sadface

The Chickpea Sandwich, BLT, and BBQ seitan are all vegan if you let them know you want a vegan version. They do a very small menu, the point being to do a few things very well, with rotating special items.

BBQ seitan sandwich

The seitan was really good, I’m guessing they make it themselves? I am going back for rosemary fries and lavender lemonade (I am really into the fact that they are into using flowers and herbs) ASAP. If you are (a) a smart kid learning how to make robuts with the ability to love at MIT (b) some State Street broseph with sunglasses on the back of your head/gal in tasteful black Express Editor Extreme Flare pants working downtown, check either of these trucks out on your lunch break and give them all your $$$$$, today (not today, I’m writing this on a weekend. Monday. Go Monday.)

iced hibiscus tea

The day I was there, The Mayor even ate a tempeh BLT!

Clover Food Lab

Trucks located at South Station (Boston) and MIT (Cambridge)

Clover Food Truck at

Clover Food Truck at Google Maps They are nomads!!!!

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  1. July 9, 2010 7:37 pm

    I just so happen to be a girl who works downtown wearing Express Editor pants! (They are, however, a tasteful gray and do not flare.) I will totally go over there today!

    • July 9, 2010 8:59 pm

      I just so happened to be wearing Editor Pants the day I was there! Yay work clothes!


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