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Internette Featurette: Barnivore

June 26, 2010

I’m starting a new thing where I will periodically focus on one of the sites I link to, talk a little bit about why I love them, and gently force you to love them too. I call it Internette Featurette.

Are you a vegan? Do you like to get drunk? As a vegan, do you go out to work and social functions with no food on offer for you, drink on an empty stomach,  and end up singing “Too Close” at karaoke with someone’s dad while in a blackout? Well then, Barnivore is for you! They do one thing and do it well: tell you if what you’re getting drunk on was produced using animal byproducts or not. All you really need to know is that Westvleteren is vegan, but they talk about all manner of beer and wine and liqour and apertifs and digestives on there. They also have iphone apps, for the vegan drunkard on the go.

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