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July 16, 2010

Reader Kristyn sent me a link to an article she wrote about Vegetarian Dining in New England for Taste of the Seacoast. Sadly, Grezzo is no longer open, but the other restaurants listed are and they are all great (Upstairs on the Square is my favorite fancy girly birthday place, expect a feature at some point in the future on their wonderful vegan options!)

This PETA Files post about veg-friendly cities in North America is noteworthy for several mentions of New England! Yay us! I definitely have some new places on my hit list now, Worcester in particular can expect a visit soon!

This year’s Boston Vegetarian Food Festival is going to be a two day affair on Halloween weekend, the New Vegland team will definitely be there with bells costumes on! I’m already brainstorming ideas for what to be:

This post is best read in the voice of Lydia actually. Exclamation points!

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  1. July 16, 2010 12:31 pm

    I’m still in shock about Grezzo. But I do have a replacement suggestion:

    Revitalive Cafe is in Newburyport, MA. That’s not Boston (duh) but, then again, it doesn’t have Boston prices . . . in fact, the prices here for really fantastic raw vegan fare (oh, those kale chips!) are eyebrow-raising fantastic.

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