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Susty’s Cafe for Sustainable Sustenance, Northwood, NH

August 8, 2010

We go here quite a lot, usually when we’re going to Hampton Beach on a Saturday and we know there’s nothing for us there besides McDonald’s, clam shacks, and those places that serve 1/4 of a pizza. It’s just nice, wholesome hippie food in a pleasant setting. I am usually boring and get enchiladas (I try not to eat things at restaurants that are easily made at home, but they’re so good!).


However, the last time we were there (en route to see Louis C.K. at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, which was FANTASTIC) I got the modest sounding but magically delicious Tempeh Mash:

Tempeh Mash with homemade bread and mashed potato pancakes

I can’t even explain the how or why of this being so good. The tempeh is broken into tiny crunchy awesome bits (tempeh can be all over the place in terms of quality depending on how it’s prepared), and all the vegetables are perfectly cooked but still brilliantly colored (note the purple cabbage!) I could eat this every single day.

It seems to be a popular place to stop and get coffee for people in Northwood and you can overhear all kinds of amazing conversations about Alpaca farms and yurts and composting. They also have donuts:


And Love Potion:

Love Potion. Next time maybe?

Susty’s Cafe for Sustainable Sustenance

159 1st New Hampshire Turnpike

Northwood, NH 03261


Susty’s on

Susty’s on Google Maps


Patisserie Bleu Cafe in Nashua, NH is closing today

July 24, 2010

I was actually preparing to write a post all about Patisserie Bleu and the lovely job they did on my birthday cake last November (they were a non-vegan bakery and cafe in Downtown Nashua who did Vegan and Gluten free special orders, and were all around accommodating and wonderful). When I went to get my links in order, the home page of their site had the following announcement:

It is with great sadness that I must announce we are closing Patisserie Bleu Café for medical reasons.  My doctors have advised me that working is preventing my back injuries from healing, and could result in permanent chronic pain.  So, after much thought, consideration, and months of unsuccessful attempts to locate a buyer for the business, we are closing our doors for good as of July 24th.

Thank you for your patronage of our bakery over the past few years.   All of us at Patisserie Bleu have enjoyed getting to know you while being a part of your weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions.  We will miss you all.

Deb Soby
Owner, Patisserie Bleu

I’m going to miss them! It looks like I’ll be baking my own cake this year (veganized crêpe cake, maybe?) But look how cute:

Vegan vanilla cake with "whipped cream" frosting and fresh strawberries, plastic gnomes added by yours truly.

Thank you Deb, I wish you a speedy recovery and good luck in your future endeavors!

Alissa Cohen in the current issue of Stuff@Night

July 22, 2010

The free bi-weekly Boston magazine Stuff@Night currently has an interview with Alissa Cohen, owner of the (sorely missed) raw foods restaurant Grezzo, which closed in May. She talks about her reasons for closing both locations and promotes her new cookbook, due to be released in October. On a happy note, it will contain many recipes from the Grezzo menu. Check it out!

I miss you, cranberry lemonade!

you too, "gnocchi!"

Peace o’Pie, Allston, MA

July 18, 2010

They have really good salad. It's not fancy, it's just good and helps me maintain the pretense of eating healthy.

This post is going to contain lots of effusive praise and photos of salad, so brace yourselves. Peace o’Pie opened back in September 2009 in the same spot as a previous vegan pizzeria. They set out to differentiate themselves from said pizzeria by completely revamping the interior with pretty sea green walls and a bamboo counter top and setting up an impressive web presence.

I own a tripod, and use it at the table like a jerk

They have an expansive menu that I am slowly working through as best I can whilst living outside of the city with a spouse who always wants to order pepperoni (and with good reason! it’s the best vegan pepperoni I’ve ever had). White Pizza, I am coming back for you.

their pepperoni is admirably greasy.

Their vegan cheese of choice is Daiya, and they use a lot of it. I really like copious amounts of delicious fat Daiya so I am happy about this. There are also desserts, both of the Liz Lovely Cookie/Sjaak’s Chocolate variety and the homemade cinnamon bun/cupcake/chocolate chip cookie variety.

Daiya stretches and melts! We are truly living in a vegan golden age.

The only possible caveat I can think of is that the pizza c0mes out of the oven SUPER HOT and I usually burn my mouth, Steve Brule style, because I have poor impulse control. Peace o’Pie, I love you!

Peace o’Pie

487 Cambridge Street
Boston, MA 02134
(617) 787-9884

Closed Mondays. Open Tue-Thu 5pm-9pm, Fri-Sat 12pm-11pm, and Sun 12pm-9pm

Peace o’Pie on

Peace o’Pie on Google Maps

Bits and Bobs!

July 16, 2010

Reader Kristyn sent me a link to an article she wrote about Vegetarian Dining in New England for Taste of the Seacoast. Sadly, Grezzo is no longer open, but the other restaurants listed are and they are all great (Upstairs on the Square is my favorite fancy girly birthday place, expect a feature at some point in the future on their wonderful vegan options!)

This PETA Files post about veg-friendly cities in North America is noteworthy for several mentions of New England! Yay us! I definitely have some new places on my hit list now, Worcester in particular can expect a visit soon!

This year’s Boston Vegetarian Food Festival is going to be a two day affair on Halloween weekend, the New Vegland team will definitely be there with bells costumes on! I’m already brainstorming ideas for what to be:

This post is best read in the voice of Lydia actually. Exclamation points!

Internette Featurette:

July 6, 2010

This is a brand new site (just like mine!) but it has quickly become invaluable to me as a makeup-wearing lady. So this week’s Internette Featurette is! Melisser is already known as something of a vegan Renaissance woman thanks to her fantastic blog Urban Housewife, and has blessedly decided to channel her knowledge as a makeup artist into a database of vegan cosmetics, which is growing by the day, along with video tutorials.

While it’s generally fairly easy to determine whether or not cosmetics companies test on animals and then use that information to cobble together a personal care routine that works for you (Jason Natural fragrance-free body wash and Paula’s Choice skincare/haircare are my staples) it can be very dicey and confusing to try to figure out what makeup is actually vegan (so many awesome red lipsticks are loaded with carmine). Until now, it’s been an odyssey/nightmare of looking at Livejournal communities that haven’t been updated since 2006, emailing companies directly, frantic Googling, and crying frustration. But no longer! As I go through my old makeup and need to replenish, this site will be a lifesaving resource for finding new vegan products (maybe even a gorgeous peachy-pink blush that will make me look like a painting by Jean-Baptiste Greuze?):

Pearl Street Pizza — Vegan Pizza in Nashua, NH!

July 6, 2010

I have often wondered why Nashua doesn’t have more vegan options, seeing as it’s the “Gate City” and gets lots of traffic from southern NH and Northern MA because of our fabulous tax-free shopping and general awesomeness. BUT! In a turn of events that is great news for a reclusive pizza loving shut-in like me, someone who spends her limited free time hiding indoors watching Arrested Development on Instant Netflix, Pearl Street Pizza in downtown Nashua is now offering vegan pizza/delivering it to my house/mouth.

pizza with Daiya, tempeh bacon, and green pepper

I am planning a more detailed write up once they get their vegan menu worked out. I’ve talked with the owner a bit and he’s been driving up to A Market in Manchester to get supplies, but has plans for a whole dedicated menu including vegan poutine, which is just incredible. Right now, if you live in the delivery area it’s best to ask what vegan toppings they have available when you place your order.

Pearl Street Pizza

112 W Pearl Street, Nashua, NH, 03060